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5/27/2016: Proposed Changes to the ADS Board of Directors

The President of the ADS, Mike Arnold, has appointed a Special Committee to develop a reorganized structure for the ADS Board of Directors and Committee Structure.  The goals of the reorganization effort are to:

  • Provide a streamlined, yet effective, Board of Directors and committee structure.
  • Reduce the span of administration for the Officers and staff of the ADS.
  • Widen the pool of available members willing and able to serve on committees by lowering the financial burden of volunteer service and by improving the focus on the specific skills they may possess for the benefit of ADS.
  • Comply with applicable NY state laws governing 501c3 organizations.

The Reorganization Committee will provide details of a preliminary structure for ADS Members’ review and input in the June Wheelhorse.   Members may contact the Reorganization Committee at

5/27/2016: Applications Available for 2016 USEF Youth Sportsman's Award

Lexington, Ky. - The search is underway for 2016 United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) Youth Sportsman's Award nominees. The award recognizes young equestrians who exhibit exceptional leadership potential, serve as positive role models for peers, demonstrate an ongoing commitment and dedication to the promotion of equestrian sport, exhibit substantial community involvement, and exemplify positive sportsmanship principles. 

The overall winner of the 2016 USEF Youth Sportsman's Award will receive a $1,000 grant payable to the educational program of his/her choice and a commemorative trophy. The winner will also be nominated for the USEF Junior Equestrian of the Year Award. The reserve winner will receive a $500 grant payable to the educational program of choice.

Applications are available online at or through any USEF Recognized National Affiliate Association or International Discipline Association. Required materials should be submitted directly to the applicant's respective USEF Recognized National Affiliate Association or International Discipline Association and received by the respective office on or before September 1, 2016. Each USEF Recognized Affiliate may select a National Winner, who will be considered for the overall award. 

To be considered for the 2016 USEF Youth Sportsman's Award, applicants must: 

· Have a current membership in good standing with the USEF
· Have a current membership in good standing with a USEF Recognized Association or International Discipline Association 
· Be 17 years of age or under, as of December 1, 2015
· Demonstrate an ongoing commitment and dedication to the promotion of equestrian sport
· Serve as a positive role model for peers
· Participate at any level of competition, including local, regional, or national events
· Exemplify community involvement
· Exhibit characteristics that exemplify positive sportsmanship principles

For more information regarding the USEF Youth Sportsman's Award, please contact Natalie Norwood, Director, National Breed/Discipline Affiliates, via email at or call (859) 225-6951.

3/10/16: Organizer Webinar

Did you miss the most recent organizer webinar? Watch it here!

2/16/16: ADS Announces Host Venues for North American Championships

The American Driving Society (ADS) is pleased to announce the host venues for the head-to-head driven North American Preliminary and the North American Intermediate Championships. The Preliminary Championships will be held at the Longview by the Lake CDE, September 17-19 in Kansas City, Missouri. The Intermediate Championships will be held at the Katydid CDE, November 4-7 in Aiken, South Carolina. New this year, VSE Championships will be held along with each championship.

Learn more about the NA Championships

2/10/16: Omnibus Submission Deadline Changed

At the January ADS board meeting, the Omnibus sumission deadlines were changed to be more organizer-friendly. Please make note of the new deadlines. Organizers can learn more about the necessary forms to seek ADS recognition for events on the Organizers page.

New submission deadlines:

Events held July to December 2016, Applications DUE APRIL 1
Events held January to June 2017, Applications DUE OCTOBER 1

2/1/16: Nominations Sought for ADS Board of Directors
From Pat Cheatham, Chair Nominating Committee

It’s time to begin assembling a slate for Officers and Directors who will serve a two-year term between January 1, 2017 and December 31, 2018. These slates will be published on the 1st of July this year and will be voted upon during the 2016 Annual Membership and Board of Directors-elect meetings in Southern Pines, NC respectively. The membership will elect the Board of Directors and the elected Directors will elect the Officers. I ask all ADS members to think about the tasks and challenges faced by our Society and submit names of persons they would like to have as an Officer or Director. You may send suggestions to Please tell us which position you would like to see your candidate serve and why, along with the individual’s e-mail address and phone number.

Read the full article and supporting documents

Nominating Committee List

1/19/16: NYC Carriage Horses

Have you been following the ongoing issues related to the carriage horses of New York City? As an organization, the ADS supports the city's carriage horses and drivers.

Jeff Morse, ADS Pleasure Driving Committee Chair has created a news hub for articles related to the carriage horses of NYC. Learn more at




competition updates

View all ADS recognized events in the electronic version of the Omnibus

April 2-3, Sunrise Ridge DT - Added Intermediate
May 13-15, Carriage Classic in the Pines - Show cancelled
May 21, Carolina Carriage Club HDT - Secretary change
May 21, James River ADT - Dressage start time
June 11-12, Columbus Carriage Festival - Date change
June 18-19, Moven Park Pleasure Show Combined Test and Cross Country Pleasure Show - various changes
June 24-26, Bromont International Driving - Entries close date change, Test Change (see omnibus listing)
August 6-7 Eastern Iowa Carriage Glow - Added Divisions-Multiples


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